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Organizational Information and History

NARI’s Big Audacious Goal:

All remodelers will want to be part of NARI and customers will insist on contracting with our members.

NARI’s Core Purpose:

To advance and promote the remodeling industry’s professionalism, product and vital public purpose.

NARI's Core Values:

NARI is committed to being:

  • Professional: Ethical and honest; committed to high standards
  • Open: Diverse and respectful; inclusive of many views and dedicated to free expression
  • Progressive: Informed and knowledgeable; resourceful and flexible
  • Member Focused: Focused on the importance of success, return on investment and profit


NARI’s roots go back to 1935 with the establishment d the beginnings of NERSICA (The North East Roofing, Siding and Insulation Contractors Association). In 1956 the National Home Improvement Council (N.H.I.C) emerged and by the mid-1960s, NERSICA no longer reflected the membership of the growing industry and its name was changed to the National Remodelers Association (NRA). The industry continued to grow and in 1982 the National Remodelers Association and the National Home Improvement Council joined to establish the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. Today, NARI has 60 chapters nationwide and has enjoyed a sizeable growth period during the past five years. In 2000, NARI moved its national headquarters from Alexandria, Virginia, to Des Plaines, Illinois, and as the Voice of the Remodeling Industry™, continues to prosper.

Members of NARI are full service contractors, design-build firms, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, subcontractors, lenders and other related professionals who work in the remodeling field. NARI is committed to educating both trade professionals and remodeling-ready homeowners. NARI does this by reaching out to a diverse audience in a variety of formats including education, training, publications and programs.