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Universal Design: Show Me the Money

March 24, 2016
NARI Webinar
Design and Remodel Homes to Make Life Easier: Lessons from the Universal Design Living Laboratory
Incorporating universal design in remodeling projects results in homes that are more convenient, accessible, functional, peaceful and safe for everyone during every stage of
life — regardless of age, size, or physical ability. Find out what works, what sells, and where the challenges arefrom Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D,general contractor and owner of the Universal Design Living Laboratory www.udll.com, the top rated universal design home in North America.Rosemarie’s information-packed, interactive program will identify, room by room, what features can be added or changed to give clients total access, independence and peace-of-mind. Through this virtual tour and presentation, remodelers will gain a different sense of space planning and accessibility from the perspective of a person who uses a wheelchair.  
Many clients are looking to remodel their homes to create their “forever home.” Remodelers who can counsel clients about universal design features and benefits, important to present and future housing needs, are in a better position to attract and keep clients for life.  Conversations need to include a discussion about the importance of universal design and how homes that include these features will better serve the homeowners in the present, as well as in the future. See the research supporting a higher resale value and faster home sales when universal design features are included. Explore the costs versus value that universal design features add to a remodeled home. Come away able to communicate the concepts of universal design to your clients, and articulate smarter design solutions that provide independence for your clients with multiple needs and abilities.