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Lobby Local (8/23)

August 23, 2016
NARI Webinar
Lobby Your Local Representative: It’s Easier than you think
For many Americans the thought of lobbying their elected officials is daunting. Yet, officials need to hear from their
constituents in order to fully do their job. This webinar will help you understand how to make your voice heard and be an advocate for remodelers and small businesses. The webinar will go over how to succinctly present an issue, how to make “the ask,” and how to follow up to get a response. Grassroots mobilization will also be covered, as well as enhancing your voice through coalitions. You will also learn how to use the NARI website to identify your elected officials and communicate with them.
The webinar will be led by three former elected officials:
The Honorable Tim Hutchinson Former U.S. Senator and Congressman
The Honorable Charlie Bass Former U.S. Congressman
The Honorable Albert Wynn Former U.S. Congressman
Randi Hutchinson, Esq., an attorney and former Congressional staffer will also participate.